Administer an end-to-end valet and event experience focused on reducing customer friction and reducing theft.


Integrated SMS Messaging
Provide digital ticketing and two messaging capabilities between the facility and customers.
Accounts Receivable Integrations
Integrate with any downstream AR systems for greater efficiency.
Customer Portal
Our customer-facing portal simplifies account management tremendously.
Account Management
Manage accounts, facility access, invoicing, payments, onboarding, and sales workflows.
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Feature Rich and Straightforward to Use

Full-featured, off-the-shelf Android-based hardware running the VM platform can manage parking operations and close transactions in attended and unattended facilities. The platform can utilize physical and digital ticketing, damage capture, generate advanced occupancy reports, and is robust enough to handle large events and professional sporting venues.

Valet Manager supports third-party reservations,  scan-to-pay, and damage capture, and is fully integrated with our license plate recognition systems.

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Check-In Customers anywhere

Our mobile solution allows remote check-in at hotels, restaurants, and convention centers, and is utilized at professional sporting venues. The mobile platform can pair with a fixed Point of Sale unit, be used as a single unit, or be utilized in large operations to simultaneously support up to 100 units. Mobile offerings allow for P2PE Credit card processing on dedicated devices or customers paying directly on their mobile devices via SMS.

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